Rock The Ballet



Conception, direction and choreography: Adrienne Canterna

In 2008, RASTA THOMAS and ADRIENNE CANTERNA created the show Rock The Ballet in Hamburg. An international success that will take place in Australia, Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Russia, Portugal, USA, etc. filling an enthusiastic audience and journalists.

They bring their superb classic technique to their favorite hits: Queen, Michael Jackson, Coldplay and many others. These dancers who electrify the theaters of the whole world mix genres. Classical dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Taps, and also acrobatics, even martial arts.

They joyfully jostle the conventions with the ease of the virtuosos. Adrienne Canterna‘s choreographies combine all these elements with originality, to which is added the irresistible personality of all these breathtaking dancers.

ADRIENNE and her BAD BOYS are looking cheerfully and efficiently to dust off the dance of past centuries and to share with the audiences their pure joy to dance on the music of today.
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